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Tuscan-inspired design: Debbie Travis releases outdoor living furniture

Tuscan living is all about the al fresco lifestyle long, sluggish dinners on the flagstone patio, a glass of wine with lunch, candles burning down as the discussion streams late into the night.

We can’t all make it to Tuscany. Design master Debbie Travis is doing everything she can to bring Canadians a taste of la dolce vita with her brand-new line of Tuscan-inspired patio furniture, rugs and dishes.

I feel so fantastic when I’m there, simply individuals and the lifestyle and the food and the sunlight, she states. It’s about the everyday sweetness of life.

Travis recent jobs have focused on her rental property in Tuscany first refurbishing it then producing a remarkable, reassuring space for all-female retreats with her program La Dolce Debbie. Now, the woman who made her name with the Painted House series states she prepares a full line of furnishings, bedding and devices starting with the patio.

Tuscan design is not a lot about wood table tops and wrought iron, she states, leaning forward to appreciate the clean lines of her brand-new patio furniture, set up in the middle of Sears at South Centre Mall. It is, however it’s likewise about al fresco dining and living outdoors, and simpleness. And taking a look at this (furniture), it is simple.

The pieces have modern-day touches that make them suitable for condominium spaces and are made with ultra-modern products.

Kids are kids, so they’re climbing up on the sofa; they’re sitting with wet bathing matches, whatever. Things need to be useful, so we looked at some of the cool new materials.

Travis explains the open-weave material on the sleek Chelsea set.

On the fabrics, they dry 85 percent much faster than any fabric, and the foam, too. And what I like about that is, you know the soaked bottom thing you forget to introduce the cushions and all your guests are walking around with a damp bum. This doesn’t occur.

Travis has gone out of her way making the pieces ideal for the severe Canadian climate. The Rousseau table is a super durable resin that will resist Alberta s sometimes hail-prone summers and hold up well during winter season storage. Both the Rousseau and the more modern-looking Chelsea are streamlined and compact for smaller sized areas like the decks and yards of apartments and townhomes.

The Chelsea is developed for small areas like apartments, Travis explains, showing how the pieces move together for storage. The cover goes over, and the entire thing is the size of the loveseat. It’s quite smart.

The Rousseau is a little more robust with its weathered-wood appearance and wrought iron base.

To complete the appearance, Travis provides a choice of breathable rugs made from a lightweight weave that permits wetness to evaporate off wood decks.